Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Fixing problems

So I've removed the white lines and the speed jumped a bit. There's still a noticable speed drop on changing maps but I know why this, currently it's not a urgent fix. A major problem is that unless shut down properly the save game corrupts. I'm going to delay all these problems by giving the maps "dirty" flags to see if they need saving or not.

There are no random black lines in full screen mode so I assume it's a problem with windowed mode and probably to do with using the entire width and height of the window rather than the part that's doing the displaying. (I can now confirm that this is not the problem :D . . . next is ensure everything is using these values. Notably lines only appear on the vertical - suggesting something wrong the Height value. Which makes sense because i suspect it's valued a 600 but it's really 598! Maybe I'm on to something!

Note to self: Consider replacing halfViewDimension with two seperate values based on window size rather than tile dimensions!)

Why console isn't working is currently a bit of mystery and I've yet to investigate. Well I just did a quick test where I started the game with the console down - it dissapeared. So it's being rendered behind the scene or something else is happen. (not the camera class? Investigation is called for!!)

Also I suspect the Anchor code I put in is messed up. I need to strip it down this weekend a create a debug world. Gah I hope I get enough free time.

-Disable anchor code
-Create a new one map world
-Have an obvious border
-Fiddle until black lines go away (yes I know very scientific)
-Add dirty flag
-Add anchor code
-Try and draw something at the anchor
-Catch improper save and have a corruption warning.

Interestingly I can still use the console even if I can't see it.
Also I think I can see more of the map in full screen mode and this has implications for how many tiles should be loaded into memory and shown at once.

In summary it works best is full screen at the moment. In windowed not too good.

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