Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Source Control with VS.net and CalculateRect Problems

I really need source control. I want to be able to start some new and crazy feature in my code with out any risk of breaking it. Source control allows me to do this. I don't have source safe and from what I hear it's not really worth learning too much about. It's not suppose to be very good. (Though I hear this is possibly set to change with a new edition but who knows!)

So my requirements are free and very easy to use.

This article on Source Control using CVS with VS.net seems to be the perfect answer.

A word of warning when you go to download igloo and you want the installer it's here. The link on the actual igloo page is incorrect.

That actually wasn't my only problem installing this. Before I could get it to work properly I had to take the contents of the beta zip and stick them inside my install directory for igloo.

Anyway it all works now - apart from I've no idea how to use it! I don't know how to revert or branch or anything. I'll have to hunt down some docs.

In other more hair pulling and gnashing of teeth news. There appear to be no way to make use the to the DrawTextFormat.CalculateRect. I'm downloading the latest SDK now in the hope that this is fixed. (I hope its a peaceful install). Other wise I'll have to try and work it out manually (T_T). Or I'll have to go into unmanaged mode and see if I can do this in C++ - it's only a guess that I might be able to do that, not a fact.

Oh well.

On the upside I did write a bit of code that retrieves the LUA error number from the error message. So instead of crashing the Grammatron it now just reports the line number. Still highlighting, line numbering and auto-complete seem very far away. I've been looking for opensource projects to fill the gap but they've tended to be sprawling octopi of programs rather than a nice encapsulated text box. I'll continue looking.

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