Monday, April 04, 2005

Rumours of a LUA enabled quake style console

I have a console thingy that works. But it doesn't work cleanly and it's not pretty. The things I'm messing about with now will probably become a GUI system. But I have really less than no experience in this area. On the one hand I,m tempted just to build something that will work but everything will be pretty hardcoded. I think this is the correct thing to do.

On the other hand I really should read more about UI design and all that. I'll probably be able to get the console thing more polished before then. . . but I don't really see it happening until this weekend :(

Unless I get a midweek drive to do some work. Maybe!

Here's a nice picture.

Image Hosted by

In the background it has a flying triangle - yes, I am that cool!
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