Sunday, April 17, 2005

GPU Gems 2 Chapters And Some Words On Pdfs

Over on Gamedev there are three free chapters of GPU Gems 2 in pdf.
The one that seems most interesting to me is Chapter 29: Streaming Architectures and Technology Trends but I'm sure all are worth having a look at.

Speaking of pdf I find them slow and unpleasant especially in firefox - even crash prone. Therefore I decided to upgrade to the latest version and download a speed up util (which I believe strips off some of the plugins that are loaded at start up, like embedded video and crap that I doubt even1% of users actually take advantage of) as suggested by this mozilla thread.

Friday I wrote a small program to try and get alpha blending sorted. I'm still having trouble then I started writing a program that will allow me to easily experiment with grammars. I'll probably upload Part I later today. It's demonstrates one of the things C# excels at - rapid application development (often known as RAD).

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