Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Broadband Internet is both a blessing and a curse

It's 50meg/s! :o

I think it's too fast for my poor portable to handle. Recently I got around to reading a article on Test Driven Design, with computer games in mind. Very thought provoking. I'm tempted to have a go and see what happens. On the basis of those three articles I also read the first three chapter of Unit Testing in Java: How Tests Drive the Code. It's interesting and makes use of a program called JUnit. Which filled into a lot of the details being one of the books on Unit Testing.

The equivalent in C# is called NUnit and there's a fine site on how to set it up here.

While I was poking around that I noticed a C# Profiler, that looks quite interesting probably a bit early for me.

As for my console I've got hung up on it having a semi-transparent background and I'd really like to resolve this before going on :D I need some time to write a small test program and see if I can get that to work. Some people over at GameDev have been trying to help in this thread pleaing for help. I need some time to fiddle with this though. So things are slow. This weekend will be busy for me too :(

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