Thursday, March 06, 2014

Brief Update

I'm continuing writing the How to Make an RPG book.
This week I finished off the section about Stats and all the related example code. I'm nearing the end of the levels and levelling section. Then I'll be taking a little time to revisit the in game menus adding a status screen and maybe a battle summary screen. After this I'll move on to equipment, equipment menu screens and soon enough I'll be tackling the combat simulation itself.

I'm looking forward to getting the first battle setup and working. That will be fun, I need to get some art from somewhere so I'll probably start looking for outsourcers again soon.

I've been using Unity a lot for work recently and I'm really enjoying it there's definitely a lot of scope for rapidly making games that are high quality, especially 3d games. The only downside is that's a closed, so one day it could all go away but I hope not. I think Bitsquid probably has the better design philosophy but Unity has the traction and interface / tooling.

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