Thursday, February 27, 2014

Back in RPG Combat


I've been plugging away at my next book, How To Write an RPG, and I'm currently writing the first part of the combat section; Stats. It's similar to my article on Stats published on this blog, but slimmed down and every step of the way there's accompanying example code.

Since the last update I've checked all the previous examples in the book work on Mac and everything seems good.

Previously the sound code wasn't working on Mac, this was because I was using some Wave loading code I'd found somewhere and it wasn't 64-bit compatible. It was relying on the bit-size of some types when reading .wav code. Changing the types sorted that out. Also it wasn't using using my packaging system so I fixed that too. I won't be making anymore engine changes for a while, instead I'm now 100% back to writing.

I expect to have the Stats section and code examples finished very soon, then I'll be on to the levelling section and examples, then how to present that information using the existing menu code.

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