Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Continuing on with the code for my next book "How To Make An RPG", I am still messing with the GUI I'm afraid :D

GUI can be hard and complicated but I don't want to get crazy deep into it in the book; I want it simple and easy to use. For that reason, I've gone back to the start and rewritten it all so it's simpler. I'm now satisfied it's simple enough!

One of the things a good RPG engine should automatically do, is take a long piece of text and split it up into multiple dialog boxes, with a little arrow to notify you that there's more text. Like so:

Here's a text box that automatically splits up the text into two boxes, if you hit the ACCEPT button (or whatever)  it proceeds to the second box, press it a third time and the box is dismissed.

The little notification arrow I may tweak as it's very small. Ideally instead of an arrow I'd have a little image of the button you should press but that's getting off-focus a bit. More GUI to come in the next few days, choice boxes, progress bars and menus, all should be done by the end of the week.

Also it's Ludum Dare this weekend! You should take part! I'm going to be giving it a go, though I haven't done any voting for the theme yet.

As always, if this stuff is interesting and you want to make your own RPG then there's a promo site here where you can sign up "How To Make An RPG" book and be notified when it gets released.

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