Monday, April 08, 2013

Making a JRPG: NPC Swarms

Watch them walk!

My animated gifs are getting slightly better but they're still not great! This is another update of the "How To Make An RPG" book. I'm coming to the end of tile maps and finishing off NPCs (which I'd hoped to have done by yesterday). 

The NPCs here all have a basic AI-type controller so they move around at random. They'll never move on to the same square. I've turned off the triggers on the doors but otherwise they  can walk through the doors and be teleported just like the player (which brings up the issue of teleporting on to other characters, which I'm side stepping entirely in the book because it's not an issue that will come during a game. But the code is there if someone wants to implement a solution; stop the triggers working if they'll teleport to an occupied destination - or my preferred solution - the good old tele-frag, just gib them :D) 

NPCs with collision detection is finished. I've got to wrap up a little more on map saving / loading. At some point tomorrow I'll have made a start on the UI chapter and we'll have text boxes galore. 

As always if you want to know more about the book or be notified when it's released please check out the promo-site:

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