Saturday, July 10, 2010

C# Game Programming Book

My book, C# Game Programming: For Serious Game Creation, seems to have now been published and is available on Amazon!
  • Learn how to use OpenGL and C# together.
  • Learn how to create the fastest game loop for C# using a Windows Form.
  • Dive in C using Interop to get useful game functions such as timers.
  • Learn how to use the latest versions of C# to write tighter, leaner code.
  • Lightning Fast hardware accelerated 2D game programming
  • Bitmap font rendering
  • Joypad, mouse and keyboard input for games
  • 2D and 3D math 
  • Create a tween class - making animation as easy as flash.
  • Create a nice fast game engine
  • Create a 2d scrolling shoot'em up
  • Game development techniques. pragmatism and project management
  • Uniting testing
  • Learn how to make the game you want to make.
It covers game programming using OpenGL (through the Tao libraries) using C#. It also runs through a simple arcade shooter game. So if you like the sounds of Game Programming in C# this is the book for you :D

I'm going to be updating this website with extra content and creating a code repository soon.
The repository for the Engine and the Shooter game is now available here:


Unknown said...

I really excited about this book. I've read the first 5 chapters and think I'm ready to do the OpenGL hello world (spinning triangle). I am surprised to try and visit the TAO Framework website and find that it is no more. What does this mean for C# and OpenGL? Am I wasting time learning something that is no longer supported?

B Jordan said...

I don't know if you are still reading this but I think I found a bug in the book and was wondering if you had found it as well. I was at the end of chapter 8 playing with the SpriteTweenState when I noticed that if I went back to a text example then the text appeared on the tween instead of the face.

The problem is the texture you load last in the form with _textureManager.LoadTexture("name", "filename.ext") is the texture that shows up even though you set the texture with _faceSprite.Texture = textureManager.Get("face");

balaam said...

Yes the Tao project seems to have died which is very disappointing, as it was on the few nice OpenGL wrappers for C#.

@Brett Thanks for the feedback but I've removed your comment because there isn't a kindle version of the book! So I don't think you did buy it on kindle. The real version comes with a CD with all the assets and code examples.

All assets and code are included on the CD.