Thursday, January 18, 2007

More news as it happens

Now you can open the chest and there are coins inside! Yay! Then when you open the chest again, they've gone. (You've taken them.)

The code's quite nice but still needs generalizing. (Currently there's no way for stackable items, such as coins to be combined).

The "you've found coins" message actually appears in the center of the screen, in the screenshot it looks a little lop sided. At some point I want to upload a demo, as this was my modest goal. Open and chest get money. The character animation's still missing but I'm quite happy with it.

The inventory system is not going to be so crude for ever, I'd quite like to make it a little more Ultima like. The next stage is cleaning up the code and dealing with little problems. Then I want to make everything that's currently hard coded to be controlled by Lua scripts and setup text files. Then I think I'll pull in a load more of the Einfall stuff. A lot of the map code could do with being pulled over and perhaps the title screens and stuff.

Today though I really should get back to preparing for my exams.

Oh also I want to give the chest a key, because at that point it's basically a very very poor game. But at least it's a game :D

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