Friday, January 19, 2007

Methods and dynamic casting in C#

I remember a month ago I was trying to do something similar with C++ and it doesn't work (suprise suprise :> ). I thought I'd see if it'd work in C# - and suprisingly it does. Ok, so what I am I babbling about?

Imagine you have an object Item and another object
StackableItem : Item
, that inherits from Item. Now imagine I have an array of Items. I can put Stackable items in here and I can put items in here, no problem. But when I come to use the array I don't know which are items and which are stackable items. To find out which are which I might use a dynamic cast, or in C# you can use method overloading and the program will do the dynamic cast for you (I assume it does that anyway).

public void AddItem(Item item)


    Console.WriteLine("Not so clever");



/// <summary>

/// Is C# clever enough to go to the correct one?

/// </summary>

/// <param name="item"></param>

public void AddItem(StackableItem item)


    Console.WriteLine("Very clever");


So in the above if I have:

Item i = new StackableItem();

The second function will be called. Neat right? Yes, yes it is.
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