Sunday, December 24, 2006

The moon on a stick

Gah, I've slapped in my path finding library. So now, with a few tweaks, mouse movement and path finding, is hacked in.

There's a problem though. I split the world into multiple maps and path finding across these maps, probably means changing my path finding code. The multiple maps buisness has always been a headache.

For now I'm happy to get path finding working on a single map. And worry about moving over map boundaries later.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you use two seperate maps. Create a node tree of all the individual maps and do your pathfinding on that, then do the pathfinding on the individual maps along the way.

balaam said...

It's a good solution but I've already managed to solve it in a different way.

The library requires you implement an object, that when given a tile tells must return that tile's neighbours. So I just created a decent implementation under that instead of the shoddy one I hacked up to see if everything would work.

I'm just trying to reduce some coupling next.