Saturday, December 23, 2006

Old blue cake hat

I had to update from my source repository yesterday as things went horribly wrong. Entites can be teleported around various maps with out problem. It's all pretty horredously inefficent.

I'm adding smooth moving between tiles now. Somewhere down the line I'll bolt on my A* library and somewhere after that I'll finish my modest goals for this small project. (You can walk to a chest open it, recieve a message, then the game ends basically) Then I can get back to merging it with my old Einfall code base.

Oh yes I need to get animation in there too. Considering this is about the third time I've written code like this, in this project - I think this time I've gotten it right.

Also I want to clean my coursework up a little and maybe a add a download. It's not bad, apart from the camera being a bit messed up.

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