Friday, March 31, 2006

Her smile was not a smile

More town generation. Yes it seems as though I've found my new full time hobby.
I've been wrestling a bit with keeping things modular.

At the moment I'm moving towards building generation. I want to have buildings constructed gradually over time. This means careful organization of the code. How the buildings themselves are generated is handled by some interface so there's potentially quite a few methods I could employ. For now the only method I'll be doing is the exicting "variably sized rectangle". First it will be in ascii too.

The test I've just written shows that a city can make trade goods and this will increase it's resources each turn ... which is nice but quite far away from being useful. I'm looking forward to writing the city management AI.

No links on the web have caught my interest lately :( So no links with this post.

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Anonymous said...

hello ... I did some work (actually, identical problems) in C++ and opengl that is very very similiar.

If you wouldn't mind, I would like to help you out some.

Email me: at, landers.robert