Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Last weekend I got nothing at all done.
I'm thinking about taking this friday off so I'll be able to sort out my program this weekend.

Today I freshed up the very first tutorial. The code is prettier now and entirely compatible with the current version of DirectX.

Also this week I've been half heartly playing with regions and quadtrees. I also made a console based combat thing to see how I might do the combat in game. Oh yes I also setup something basic with C++ and SDL. "Why? Why?" you might cry. Well if I want to get a game programming job at some point I guess I should have a few C++ programs that I didn't write at University.

Also check out My Bookmarks. They're only related to game programming so there's only good stuff in there. Yes I do link back to myself a tiny bit but I find myself to be a valuble resource .... to myself. There's a sentence mouthful. The bookmarks should grow as time goes on as well - fun for everyone.

(Here's a tip too, if you're using Firefox, then you should get the scapbook extension. It's great. Well great for me because it gives me stuff to read when I'm offline and bored at school :D. For my bookmarks I use the scrapbooked tag for anythig I've added to my scapbook)

If other people having interesting bookmarks please drop them as a comment and I'll check them out. I like to read short articles about one interesting thing - you know - rather than the monstrous rambling things I tend to write :D

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