Friday, January 01, 2016

December Book Update

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hope you had a great 2015 and are looking forward to 2016.

I'm writing a book about how to program your own computer role-playing game. Not just a book but also a vast array of example projects and useful assets. The book goes from drawing sprites to the screen to a fully featured Final Fantasy 6 style JRPG. Interested? More details here and you can sign up for the email list to be notified when it's released!

Recently I've been setting up the store and associated processes.

I'm still editing the book. This is taking longer than expected. I've had a number of people ask if I'd be willing to do early access. I decided if I wasn't finished by the end of December then I would. So; early access is coming soon. Early access will only be available through the mailing list (or if you've contacted me directly requesting it). Details soon - watch your inbox :D

What's happened since the last update?

  • 100% Art Compelete! Yay!
  • All Examples are therefore 100% complete too (barring any bugs)
  • Editing for section II about 70% complete.  
  • Editing for section III has yet to begin
  • Front Matter still largely missing.
  • Binary files for the engine included with the book are online here:
  • Build process that creates the book and pulls in all the examples (currently 1.3gig zipped, looking to shrink that during the early access process!)
Progress has been ok, considering how busy the end of year gets and I also travelled to PlayStation Experience for work (which was cool).

I'm currently working on making early access to the book available. Once that is done I'll jump back into editing the combat section (and integrating any feedback from early accessors). Today I've also been fixing some bugs from integrating the new art. So full steam ahead!

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