Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Brief book update

Work continues on the How to Make an RPG book.

I'm somewhere near the end of the combat section. Nearly everything is finished, there are spells, counter-attacks, item use, special moves (steal and an omin-slash), fleeing and the basic melee attack.

My major slowdown is revising the code as I go and this means reworking all the previous examples and text. Recently I wasn't happy with determining how long combat events should take - it was difficult to make a Fire spell take 2x the time of a melee attack for instance. I changed that and that's the last change I want to make with combat.

The immediate next actions are to do the example game at the end of the combat section and create an art brief to hire an artist for the new combat related sprites and backgrounds.

I will be travelling a lot in December but I hope to get combat finished regardless.

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