Sunday, July 07, 2013


I'm writing a book about creating your own JRPG check out the promosite here:

I've finished the first draft of the first part of the book. The first part is about Exploration and ends with a small minigame that intends to deliver a sense of intrigue. I'm currently adding in the new art. I thought this would be a 1 day job max but I totally underestimated how involved changing the layout of the map is! There are 15 example programs in this section and they all need updating. Worse still I've just got the 13th example and realised I need to make a change to the map :( (the doorways aren't lined up to the 16x16 grid so my guard can't walk through the door!).

I'm also having some graphic's card issues, so no animated gifs or movies this time around but instead here are some screen shots:
This is the player's house, where he sleeps, unaware of what's about to happen!

This is the player a little later, trapped in jail, is there a way out?

NPC sprites here are still placeholder.

I'll be in Brighton the end of this week for the Develop conference. (just the Indie bits! ) but hopefully not too long after that I'll sort out my computer issues and start making faster progress on the book.

Edit: Computer troubles are still plaguing me but I've ordered a new laptop which should arrive the end of this month start of next. Things should start to pick up again then!

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