Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Back to the book

After some traveling around last week, I've now got sometime to get to the book. I'm not going to waste it!

I've also started looking around more intensely for 2d pixel artists. The first part of the book ends with a small game and I want nice art for it. Currently I'm using to compile a list of people who might be able to do it. If there are any other similar websites then I'd love to hear about them! I've also written a first art brief, so I'll start contacting people later today I think and hopefully get the ball rolling soon.


Kentaki said...

You may try to ask Tim for advice. He seems to know some pixel art(, he may help you: or recommend some resources on where to find someone. By the way, which engine/framework are you using in your book? I got impatient, so I started implementing some of the features you described at How to Build a JRPG: A Primer for Game Developers while learning Allegro 5. I will try to implement the lua scripts you described at this site during the weekend. I using allegro will not make it harder to follow your book (Though; I should be able to switch to learn SDL2)

balaam said...

Interesting! Thanks for that link. Some very nice art there, looks like great course.

I've had a few people express some interest and tomorrow I'll get it started! Which will be great :D

The engine is custom, written in C++ / OpenGL / LuaJIT. The source will be provided with the book. Though all the code can use the standalone executable. Love2d is somewhat close to the engine provided.

Allegro is a good choice for 2d graphics stuff. The principles in the book can be used for any language or framework.

Greg said...

Another pixel art site, similar to Pixeljoint, is Pixelation:

balaam said...

That's a great link, lots of talented people in the portfolio section!