Sunday, December 09, 2012

Ludum Dare 25

I'll be taking in part in Ludum Dare again - this time I think I'll avoid spending an entire day on the intro sequence, as cool as it was! Hopefully I'll get some youtube videos up of game play.

I'm using the same engine as last time but I've rebuilt it, it's now much faster and more clever about when to reload assets during development. Last time I ended up wasting hours adding keyboard support, so today I'm going to make sure everything is up to scratch by getting my previous Ludum Dare entry working (it's very close already so that shouldn't take too long!).


Well it's the end of weekend and I didn't get my previous Ludum Dare entry compatible with my current engine but I've moved in the right direction. It shouldn't effect any features I need for next week (and I'll probably do some checks to make sure everything is ok).

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