Monday, August 27, 2012

Ludum Dare

I participated in my first Ludum Date (a 48 hour game making competition).

The game can be downloaded here:
(It has not been widely tested)

The theme was Evolution. I made Darwin: Second Strike, it's a very (very) simple platformer. I made all the graphics ... as you can probably tell :D I used vectors to represent the level geometry and the level itself it was just one big image.

I went for Zombie Darwin back from the grave to pelt unbelievers with his Origin of the Species opus.

I probably spent too much time on the title screen - there's a cool intro animation through :D

I think the key for success in the future is to have a bigger library of code that I can draw on and to have a more featured game engine so I don't waste time adding things like keyboard support :D

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