Sunday, November 26, 2006

Don't tell me to put my pants back on, they're my pants, I decide when and where ok? ok.

I feel I should make posts with content, but it's been a while ... so here's a content light post just letting you know what's going on.

Working on coursework for my Game Programming Masters. In C++. The main thing I've learnt is how to use a profiler correctly, I wrote a particle system from scratch in an afternoon. It makes me wonder if I could oragnise my time this well independently. Currently I'm making render to texture work. It's not hard because there's a library that pretty much handles all the low level stuff for us.

I'm still working on Einfall albeit slower than ever. I think I managed a checkin every two weeks. All my time is spent working on this coursework as the deadline looms closer and closer. I still think it's better to use C# (especially if mono's any good now) for general game development. C++ became a little nicer to program in once I got a memory checker. But there are way way too many "undefined" areas in the language. And stuff in the language that's absolutely pointless - private inheritance?

Anyway enough words - pictures!

Also I'd love a decent unit testing framework. They all tend to suck and require a scripting language - basically because C++ doesn't have any real reflection stuff.
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