Friday, October 27, 2006

The varied mysteries of the inner mouth society revealed at last!

Nanowrimo's going to be starting up again soon. If you fancy trying to write a short novel in a month then register! I did it last year, and though I've never gone back to the awful sprawling draft I gave birth too I'm quite happy to create a new one. Last time it was some generic, steampunkish fantasy, this time it's a modern time travelling thriller (or similar). Novel writing begins on the 1st of November!

I just added an Fps counter to my coursework, I didn't need this but it's there anyway. I also have a rough plan (half remembered UML ahoy!) - if this plan levels up from "rough" to "okay", I'll be very happy. I'm going to leave it overnight without looking at it and hope it'll have grown by the morning.

Programming C++ after C#, is like programming in broken glass.

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