Thursday, August 31, 2006

Space Germans!

I've rebuilt my desktop machine and got Einfall compiling again. This machine is of course much much faster and that's picked up a slight timing issue in one of the menus.

The html cut and paste plugin is now working so I can put nicely formatted code in the blog again. It wasn't too hard to get Einfall building, which was suprising considering how scattered the source code is. I needed a fresh LuaInterface install, and nUnit and at some point I'd lowercased a full caps namespace so I needed to do a little search and replace but other than that up and running immediately.

Now I just need to dig through my notes and find out what I was up to last. I know I was rewriting how it does the rendering so I guess that's still needs finishing up. Then pushing into the current Einfall build, that I'm some what dreading as it will mean changing the map format.

Getting the new rendering project building and it's blazingly fast on this machine, FPS in the 1000s rather than 100-190 on my portable. Some how some graphical glitch seems to have crept in, but I think I know what it is so I'll fix that soon. I'm going to work through and document it properly. I remember that it was quite well written so I should back up to speed soon.

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