Sunday, June 19, 2005

Keepin' On Keepin' On

I now have a nice XML configuration file to store how the menu should be presented to the user. First (as nearly always) I created a small tester program and then I wrapped it up into my main code.

I also noticed this which is maybe the C# port of Ogre (which I'm interested in, but would be even more interested in if I saw more things developed for it). I'm not sure. I was looking for GUI stuff. It seems interesting but the site itself is extremely sparse on documentation. It's something I want to look further into.

I'm actually zipping down some of my older to-do lists. Which means the end of stage two is in-sight. The end of stage two means something that looks vaguely like a game.

The stuff built on top of my GUI library needs to be tighten up. The GUI library itself needs to be wrapped up into a dll file. This may be what I focus on next. For this weekend I've really done what I set out to do.


Anonymous said...

If you like Axiom but feel that its not well documented I suggest considering Purple#, a 3D game engine that is completely written in C# unlike Axiom which is just a port.

Granted it isn't as good as Ogre but its got good documentation and is quite easy to use.

Purple# can be obtained at Purple#
Objective unbiase information can be found at Purple# can also be used to search for other engines written for the C#/.NET platform (or any other language you wish).


I'd like to say thanks to you Dan for helping me get a start on RPG game programming. I've read many books on C# game programming but this is the first resource that didn't involve making Space Invaders for the umptienth time. So thanks.

balaam said...

I've seen Purple too but thank you for reminding me. I've become interested in point sprites and I was having problems translating from the C++ code :D Also I was looking at CrazyEddies GUI library and I think Axiom includes a C# port of this (or is the process of making one).

Also it may well be very well documented I only went by the website. I never actually poked around the CVS! :D

Thanks for the links I'll be sure to check them out.

Hopefully one day I'll polish all my "tutorials", then I can write some more that build on what's already been done. Glad you got some use out of them.