Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Back to the roots

Originally I just used this blog as some way to monitor my progress. This is all that this post is about!

Well pretty slow but steady I'd say. I was at a bit of a rut and what was required was basically a decent GUI. I'm well on the way to finishing a nice modular C# DirectX GUI. It works very well and very easily. Currently it has windows, buttons, labels and a textbox.

I've built it from the Sprite helper class. And I'm going to use this to create a drop-down console rather than the other more direct way I previously had in mind. (That one was practically finished but it became apparent that soon I would need lots of GUI bits).

I've also implemented some of the bare bones of my menu system and this will grow as the GUI is polished. I actually see the next big step being combat but that's a ways off for now. I'm going to have a hopefully very powerful, very easy to use ingame editor this will all be based around the script-enable console.

Lua scripting is no problem but some of the latest Direct SDKs have a C# scripting example and that may sound more attractive. Anyway these decisions should be come pretty soon.

I'm in Tokyo next week for meetings so I don't think too much will get done super-soon but I'm happy with the direction and pace. (next time a lot more planning and I'll have it all written up in dotProject before I even start to code :D )

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