Thursday, March 03, 2005

Letsee I'm dying from a cold and cannot really think clearly - therefore I should be getting rest and not attempting to soldier on with my project. But crazy is as crazy does. It still seems I have no classes to teach at school either so I'm may as well use my time somewhat productivley. I don't really want to be seen collapsed unconscious on the desk. It mars the somewhat professional image I try to get across.

So I've pulled across the files from my streaming loader and strapped them.
There's a wierd bug that only comes up now and again when I try and cross map boundaries but I have no idea how to reproduce it.


Anonymous said...

Hey, nice tutorials. I've only glanced at them, but they look pretty informative. I guess I should actually read them before heaping praise. They look pretty at least...

balaam said...

Why thank you!
I think prettiness is important too!