Monday, February 14, 2005

So yesterday I put up a tutorial and it wasn't pleasent all the formatting got messed up - in fact a lot of it is still messed up. I blame this on Frontpage which I stupidly opened the thing in.

So I'm still going through by hand fixing it. I have a lot of tutorials - in which basically describe how to get very far in creating an Computer Rpg. But at this amoount of hassle it's going to take some time before I put them all up. Volume One has five or six stages - which each have a number of tutorials in them. Then there's Volume two which is private! (as is some of the end of volume one) because it's becoming my game then rather than general programming and I'd quite like like to develop my game independantly. After I release it - I'll put out the tutorials. (may be some time). Also coherency tends to decrease with stage increments :) Once they go up I may correct them from time to time.

Anyhoo on to last nights progress!

I worked a little more on my LUA streaming map loader. It uses Coroutines (though it doesn't really need to, or use LUA for that matter. Its slow but thourough work.

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