Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Had a two week forced break due to social life.

But this weekend I did a little work.
Generally cleaning the code.
Making it more consitent and therefore intuitive.
I also added a full screen option.

It's coming along nicely.
I still have'nt start development on any of stage twos features but I have always got them in mind.
I intend to do some work every night.

I promised myself at the end of stage one that I'd also start learning more thorougly about 3D graphics - and not just theory like my Degree but putting into pratice. With the aim of creating some short demos to show as a portfolio. Simple model loaders and the like nothing too ambitious just enough to show competence.

So I work on these two goals in tandum. I also am trying to step up my japanese learning so I should be pretty busy.

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