Monday, June 21, 2004

So my dissertation and degree have been completed - results are not out for a while.
I'm going to Japan in a month or so, for a year. I've been thinking about my project a lot and now will probably start to continue development (though I need to be learning Japanese in tandum).

Annoying Problem No. 1

Somehow DirectX seemed to dissapear so I couldn't run my project! And I couldn't find the assemblies - anyhoo I wasn't on the internet at the time. Eventually I managed to get the DX SDK over to my computer. But it's faulty - I messed about for ages unpacking various cabs and things, removing previous installations - only today have I finally found out what needed to be done. The installation program was fautly - I did have to unpack some CABs but obviously not the ones I tried.

So it's working now. But I'm not going to be bringing my computer over to Japan I'll be bringing a laptop so I'll have to sort it out there as well.

DrMoebius (Programmer)
Mar 20, 2004
I finally resolved the problem after reading a post in another forum...
Accidently the SDK-Installer does NOT unpack the required .dll which is located in this dir:

C:\DXSDK\SDKDev\Retail or C:\DXSDK\SDKDev\Debug

the name of the archive is (for XP I guess)

Just unpack it to the dir mentioned by darxpan and add the needed .dlls as a reference... now everyting should work fork, well at least for me it did ;)

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