Monday, September 01, 2003

Doxygen is alot like JavaDoc, infact it seems you can switch to JavaDoc style syntax. Seeing as I'm using someones elses tools to create the docs though - I'll leave it as it is.

//! A pure virtual member.
\sa testMe()
\param c1 the first argument.
\param c2 the second argument.
virtual void testMeToo(char c1,char c2) = 0;

The first line is the brief description.
The next line between /*! and !*\, is where the detailed description goes.
The \sa, is See Also, I think
Then \param "name of the parameter", allows indivual commenting on the parameters.

Its pretty straight forward - the last thing I need to lock it down is to find where the Assert and debug commands are in C#.

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