Monday, August 25, 2003

My Time classes are working well. They need a bit of polishing, a bit of extending but basically they're good and working. The documentation is good too, it could do with some examples but apart from that I'm happy.

The question comes what to do next?
I have part of a design doc on another system and scattered round various books.
The engine is documented on s number of random sheets of paper and notebooks but that needs to be brought togetther.
Currently everything is still simple and reasonable modular.

I think intergrating the Time and Engine into a new solution would be a good idea. Then get a globe that has more than one block. Give each block a detailed map with a number of textures. Then see how it handles the scrolling across it. Then adjust the globe and maps sizes to see how roboust it is.

So I need new tiles 32X32.
I'm not going to spruce up the Texturer and this point, all new tiles will be hardcoded in. If I see a good way to automate this I will make note of it.
Then create some setup function that will get everything moving, and allow me to experiment.
I still need to learn how to use Doxygen effectively with C# or C' internal commenting system.
I have been on the look out for tiles but I've ben having a little trouble.
I'll have a look now, then I might start arranging my documenation and start consolidating some of the Engine stuff.

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