Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A Fully Functional DirectX C# GUI

Well getting there anyway. Currently it has a pretty good framework and it has Windows, Labels and Buttons. You can do cool stuff like:

Button button = new Button(device);
button.render += new renderHandler(OnRender);

public void OnRender(object sender)
   MessaeBox.Show("Button Has Been Pressed! :o");

Pretty swish! There are also delegates for moving over the buttons and stuff like that. I don't know how much of it I'll need but it's actually pretty modular so it's a nice tool. With it I'll begin the start menu stuff and game loading saving stuff all in a nice gui. I'll also develop the console so it fits into the GUI world :D. Take that Microsoft Framework ( (;_;) I wish I had your IME language support though))

Of course you may be thinking - that screen shot makes absolutely no sense. And you'd be right - it's the code behind it that's cool. Basically the character is window and he can be dragged around. I added some delegates to the window so the the text at the bottom of the screen changes depending on context of the mouse position. As I'm illterate you can see these messages make no sense :D The goal is to get a decent looking menu system in by Friday. (Provided I don't get interrupted at school too much and told to actually teach kids and do my job. There are midterms coming up so I don't think it will prove a problem :D)

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